​​RJ Rivera has been working in the industry for over 7 years. His dream of becoming a designer became a reality in 2007 when he created RJ Jeans a new line of industrial denim jeans for men. While working with other local designers around the San Francisco Bay Area he networked his way into the San Francisco fashion scene. He worked with many local models, designers and photographers all around the Bay Area showcasing his talent in any way he could, to get his name out there. Little by little RJ grew as his collections became more advanced. 

RJ worked hard creating more and more while sticking by his Latino roots, which has helped him to become more noticed. He pushed through the obstacles, letting nothing stand in his way, eventually moving from local club shows to his own shows throughout the SF Bay Area, Sacramento and LA. He began working with many charities from PADRES Contra El Cancer to the Make A Wish Foundation and helped to raise money for many great causes.  He has also been featured in Vixta Magazine, Swagga Digital Magazine, GEV Magazine, and has been seen on Current TV, MTV and Despierta America (SAC) as well as in SF, Sacramento and LA Fashion Week. 

RJ revealed his latest work called Through the Looking Glass, in 2013, based off his favorite story Alice in Wonderland featuring his great friend fashion photographer Brandon Caffey and America's Next Top Model Alumni Romeo Barcelona and accessory designer Kate Knuvelder when soon lafter he became ill and was hospitalized. While in the hospital he was rushed into emergency surgery with a 20% chance of making it through. After the first surgery it was made to RJ's family's attention that he had the flesh eating virus and that his internal organs were shutting down. After numerous surgeries RJ made it through. Although he did make it through the surgeries, he unfortunately lost his right leg and he lost the function of his kidneys. RJ had a long recovery in the hospital and a longer period of rehab to recover and to learn how to walk and move. It has been a struggle and he still continues with rehab and coping with his new life in a wheelchair. As hard as it’s been he has started to focus on a new direction. 

RJ now focuses on his blog/vlog which will officially start in 2020 and will go by #DisabledDesignr and will focus on his new life in a wheelchair and discusses travel, Disneyland, designing, fashion, and being an advocate for people with wheelchairs, who may not have a voice. 

There is a lot more in store for RJ Rivera. Many changes have already begun and there are many more projects to be created, many more ideas to become reality and many more of RJ’s dreams to come true. 



Event Manager

Andrea Muñoz-Ybarra

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Adriana Villarreal 

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Veronica Ramos

MUA Kenya Aissa 

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